During your stay at the Summerland Hotel in Kastraki, Naxos, do not miss the opportunity to visit some of the island's remarkable attractions.

In Chora, the port is dominated by Portara , the "trademark" of Naxos. It is a remnant of an incomplete archaic temple of Apollo. Other archaeological sites of the island are located in the settlement of Sagri (Sanctuary of Demetris & Apollo) and in Yria (with 4 excellent temples of the 9th and 8th centuries BC).

Chora itself with its Castle (which was first built in 1204 by Marco Sanudo) is an excellent monument of Venetian and Byzantine period. Inside, there are the Capuchin and Ursuline monasteries and the old Emporiki School , where the Archaeological Museum is housed (with remarkable findings from the early phases of Cycladic Culture, as well as the Kouros and sculptures from later periods). The Byzantine & Folk Museum is housed in a restored tower. Notable museums also include the village of Apiranthos ( Archaeological, Folklore, Geological & Natural History ).

Besides, in Apollo, at the northernmost point of the island, one can visit the ancient marble quarry and admire in honor the famous Kouros .

The whole island is scattered by Byzantine Churches & Churches , with the leading example of Virgin Mary Drosiani , one of the oldest ancient Christian monuments in Greece.

Finally, the numerous Venetian and Byzantine Towers & Castles of Naxos (Belionia, Bazaiou, Zevgoli, Melanon, Chimarrou) are also worth seeing.