Such a large island, like Naxos, is natural to have many villages. In fact, most of them are connected with good paved roads. So you can use Summerland Hotel in Kastraki to get to know some of them:

Tripods (Bible) : Pedestrian village on the southwest of the island, with many traditional windmills. It is 9 km from Naxos Town and 7 km from Kastraki Beach, where Summerland Hotel is also located.

Naxos Chora: With its harbor, its castle and its attractions is the capital of the island and one of the typical Cycladic traditional settlements. At the same time, its size (6,533 inhabitants) makes it a modern state with all the comforts.

The other settlements of Naxos are alphabetically the following: Agios Thaleleos, Agidia, Agersani, Akadimoi, Apiranthos, Apollonas, Vourvouria, Galini, Galanado, Glinado, Damalas, Damarionas, Danakos, Engares, Zoodochos Pigi, Keramoti, Kourounohori, Kinidaros, Korianos, Koroni, Melanes, Moni, Moni, Mili, Potamia, Sagri, Skoda, Filoti, Chalkio-Tragaia.

The villages of Naxos, other lowlands, other mountainous areas, other with beaches, but without, each with its peculiarities, all but traditional and hospitable residents await you to browse and get to know them.