Tours in Naxos

On such a large island as Naxos, with so many beaches and such remarkable attractions, tours are of special interest.

The basic excursion organized by the travel agencies is the Chora-Engares-Apollonas route, following the northwest road of the island.

At the same time, travel agencies organize day trips to the southwest beaches of Naxos (Agia Anna, Alikos, Kalantos) and other Cycladic islands: Iraklia-Koufonisia, Delos-Mykonos, Santorini.

If you have your own means of transport, you can organize your own tour, following the main roads of the island:

Chora-Eggares-Apolonas: You will pass from the green Aegares with the wind farm of Naxos and Amiti beach. Then there is the monastery of Faneromeni and Abramis beach. Follow the monastery of Agia with the tower of the same name and you will end up in Apollo where you can enjoy a fresh fish and admire the ancient quarry with the famous Kouros.

Cynidos-Stavros Keramoti-Koronos: On this route a stop at Stavros Keramoti will allow you to admire the panoramic view from the two sides of the island (East-West). Then it's worth seeing Koronos, one of the most traditional villages on the island.

Tragaia-Filoti-Apiranthos: The plain of Tragia with its olive groves shows a completely different view of the island. Do not miss to visit the Gratsia and Papadakis towers. Then at the foothills of Za, Filoti, the largest and one of the most beautiful villages of Naxos, with its church (Panagia Filotitisa) and its tower. Finally, Apiranthos, one of the most picturesque villages on the island, will reward you with its peculiar architecture, its towers and its 4 museums (Archaeological, Geological, Folklore and Natural History).

Moutsouna-Panormos: From Apiranthos one can descend to Moutsouna. In the picturesque harbor one can enjoy a fresh fish, admire the industrial monument of the air train or continue the tour of the SE beaches and reach Panormo.

ND Beaches: Another equally interesting route is the SW on the beaches. Agios Prokopis, Agia Anna, Plaka, Orkos, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, Alikos, Pyrgaki: the most beautiful one on the other, await you to explore and enjoy them.

Kalantos-Agiasos: The most difficult of all routes as the road is on most of the dirt road. But it is worth exploring these virgin beaches. In the middle of the route he will be able to admire the Chimarro Tower.